Children Of Dub - Nemesis/Transcendental, trance, psytrance, techno remixes
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Re-released in 2012, Bringing the first two deleted EPs together as one release of 9 tracks, they are available for the first time since 1995. Features trance and Whirl-y-gig world music remixes, plus ambient dub tracks. This is available as a digital only maxi-single, listen or buy it online at Reverbnation etc.

Contributors: Luke Eastwood, Bumpy Capers, DJ Monkey Pilot, Cyberia, Andy Mowat, Mat Hill

Watch Nemesis video here

Watch Transcendental video here

"Combining electronics with live instruments, Children Of Dub delve into the territory of dub reggae, house and ambient with this excellent new 12" on Diversity Recordings." Dream

"The essence of the tune is a laid back groove which churns with emotion... will definitely give your crowd a stir" Mixmag "A top club sound. It's going down real well on the dance floor." The Prisoner

Track listing : Nemesis (Orgianic mix) • Nemesis (Bumpy Capers remix) • Nemesis (Whirl-Y-Gig remix) • Nemesis (Cyberia remix) • Nemesis (Bumpy Bosh remix)
• Transcendental (Live at Megatripolis) • Transcendental (Cyberia Ultraviolet mix) • Freedom (Tantra mix) • Dreadhead (Extended version)