Children Of Dub - Digital Mantras, 4th studio album
Digital Mantras CD inc. shipping

Track listing : Feeling Has Gone • Surya • Om • Indojungle

• Open Your eyes • Dharma • Loving Is Easy • The Altered State • New Morning • Digital Guru • Spook

DIGITAL MANTRAS for a fucked up world (CD & MP3) - CHILDREN OF DUB

Released in 1998, the 4th studio album was released to critical acclaim in the UK and European press. it combines themes from other genres with ambience and dub fused together in a unique way. Drawing on Eastern and jazz influences it marries the two with drum n bass and crunching beats, as well as a few trancey and ambient tracks. Includes the single 'Feeling Has Gone'.

Contributors: Luke Eastwood, Lou Palmer, Saoirse Keogh, Surge


"COD you kick arse! I must admit, when I picked up this CD I was expecting some shite wannabe trip hop tunes that just don't impress… how wrong can you be? Due to amazing talent C.O.D. have succeeded in producing an album that represents just how versatile this sort of music can be." Fly on the web

"If you've got one on the go you may just welcome a visit to these hemp-laden pastures" DJ

"This will easily feature in my top 5 albums of the year, a superbly atmospheric coming together of all things dub, d&b and trance" The Beat

"The name may suggest some digeridoo-laden tosh, but C.O.D. have always been as fascinated by house and sample-driven techno as dub. …it's a surprisingly good combination thanks to subtlety and a rare ear for a good old-fashioned melody" The Edge

'This is somehwhat of an odd album Or, perhaps that should read ground breaking. It's Trance fair enough but it takes it somewhere unique. It is a great labum and well worth getting.' Generator

'a rich mix of such diverse styles as Jazz, Trip-Hop, Ambient, Breakbeat and Dub, which serves to underline their eclecticism as they yet again defy categorisation' Zeitgeist

'Also new off Magick Eye is 'Digital Mantras' - a mixture of trance, breakbeat, drum & bass and ambient. Children Of Dub continue their sonic innovation with this release.' CDuctive

'Through the 11 tracks they create a stunning audio beauty with influences and sounds from the four corners of the globe. A spacey dub feel to a lot of it helps create a sort of hypnotic edge to it making it the kind of thing you could listen to all the way through and not notice that you have spent over an hour listening to it!' Oblivion magazine