Children Of Dub - Feeling Has Gone EP, drum n bass, ambient
Feeling Has Gone 12in inc. shipping

Track listing : Feeling Has Gone (12" version) • New Morning (edit)

• Herb (ambient 3) • Insomnia


Released in 1998, the only single from the 'Digital Mantras' album, released on limited edition 12" only, features Saoirse Keogh on vocals on the title track. Also included is the full version of the dark drum n bass track "New Morning" and on the flip side two exclusive ambient tracks - "Insomnia" and "Herb (ambient 3)". Limited pressing on 12" only.

Contributors: Luke Eastwood, Saoirse Keogh (vocals and lyrics).


"COD (hah!) have dived into drum n' bass, making it trippy as only they could, with wafty quasi-orchestral overlay. Hmmm" Melody Maker (Turntable 10)

"Very pleasant is the title tune... full of standard COD elements but with a wicked breakbeat, a gorgeous grooving bassline and an eerie yet beautiful vocal by Saoirse Keogh." The Prisoner

'...on a drum & bass tip and very pleasant is the title tune, full of standard C.O.D. elements but with a wiicked breakbeat, a gorgeous grooving bassline and an eerie yet beautiful vocal by Saoire Keogh. Also on the EP are another new D&B type tune, an ambient reworking of Herb with a lazy sax melody and some nice bass, plus a very stark sounding and monged out ambient piece called insomnia.' Sexual Chocolate

'I suppose it was inevitabe that C.O.D. would evolve from the dubby trance souund that was so charactistically theirs. The new sound is still mainly instrumental, but varies on the 12" between jungle and ambient. The 4 tracks display a maturity of styles, each one very different. The vocalist Saoirse Keogh may not be a household name and combining the pounding jungle beats with a stomach wrenching bass, her voice leaves the listener exhausted. after the title track it's all change with a mix of hip-hop and jazz all bound together with sticky acid on New Morning. Flipping over the vinyl,  the ambient version of Herb is a reworking from the excellent ESP album and finally Insomnia will allow the body to restfully relax with a brooding orchestral ambience that is rarely heard.'
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